Pallet Cages – Improving Safety, Organisation and Efficiency

Pallet cages have traditionally been used as storage units in manufacturing plants for storage of raw materials at different points in the manufacturing lines but their application in today’s industrial environments are broader through innovative storage companies such as Workplace Storage designing innovative industrial storage systems allowing previously common challenges particularly in warehouse, distribution and transport applications to be solved. Pallet cages are also commonly referred to as storage cages, stillages, stillage cages, collapsible pallets, pallet cages and ULD’s Leading companies that operate in the supply of Industrial Storage systems and the supply of these solutions have now introduced multiple standard heavy duty engineered pallet systems to ensure that these cages and stillages are now affordable due to volume or production, standardised engineering ratings and smart designs instead of reverting to previous common practices where pallet cages we manufactured to order in limited number and inefficient manufacture runs and were sometimes not even supplied as an engineered compliant design.

Types of Pallet Storage Cages

There is a huge range of different heavy duty pallet cage and stillage systems available so it’s important when considering what solution to use that you engage a supplier who is best in class such as a large manufacturer and importer like Workplace Storage. There are many times of pallet cages available such as collapsible transport cages, collapsible mesh cages, warehouse stillage cages, hardwood pallet cages, logistics cages, site storage boxes, stackable stillages, wire mesh cages, rigging storage cages, steel storage pallets and many other specialised storage solutions!

Prevent Injuries by Increasing Safety Levels

One key reason to consider using pallet cages is to improve safety and prevent injuries and near miss incidents in your workplace. Industry leading concepts such as the positive locking pallet rack base design offered by Workplace Storage have enabled these stillage cages to be stored in standard Australian pallet racking. This has reduced accidents and near misses in warehouses as the cages provide a much better containment solution for items in the racking the other alternatives such as wrapping and strapping which doesn’t fully contain products and when done poorly is also a major risk. Don’t risk waiting for a near miss or accident to improve your racking storage with pallet storage cages.

Environmental Factors

With more education available allowing more of the population to understand the importance of the environment and the consequences or using certain products and the challenges of recycling single use plastics will eventually be eliminated. This move will mean organisations will review alternative solutions for containment of goods in their pallet racks and the use of the stillage cages means that it is not only better for the environment but also safer for your staff too. Whist some companies are waiting for single use plastics such as shrink wrap to be phased out before making the change, other environmentally proactive companies are making the move earlier to eradicating or reducing single use plastics from their warehouse operations.

Efficiency & Productivity Gains

A benefit that is often not understood when considering caged pallets is the major efficiency improvements for picking and packing crews. Traditionally if one item needs to be removed from a pallet the wrap and strap will need to removed, the item picked and the pallet re-strapped and wrapped. Not only is this a very time consuming operation productivity wise it is also a costly process with wastage of the single use stretch wrap and strapping. Having warehouse cages in your operations ensures that staff get their picking and packing tasks done faster which not only improves their service times but also allows them to focus on safety and improvement tasks such as implementing a new lean process into your operation.

Organising Your Workplace Maximises Throughput

Well organised and safe warehouses and workshops often go hand in hand. Generally having your workplace and systems in order will filter through even part of the organisation to areas such as quality, safety and customer service experience. Storage cages help ensure stock and materials stay in their allocated space rather then slipping into different storage locations. It also makes stock easy to see and in turn fast to access.

Reduce Risk & Prevent Product Damage

Metal stillage cages also act as a protective device for your equipment, stock and materials. These storage cages help ensure the bumps and knocks associated with warehousing and logistics environments aren’t transferred into your stored items.